Bling Equestrians

About Me

​​​​I'm a horse crazy mom, of two kids, 4 cats, 3 horses a dog and a bunny.  I've loved  horses all my life.  As a kid, I rode Hunter/Jumpers and then when my own daughter started riding and fell in love with cross country, I changed disciplines to eventing.  I love the use of color and bling in this disclipine, and since I wore beige and navy for so many years, I really embraced the colors eventing allows you to wear.  I started Bling Equestrians three years ago as a hobby and slowly it has taken off.  All of my browbands are hand set.   Each peice is unique.  I joke with my husband, that I can't sell any of my brow bands, I just need more horses.....  Them is fightin words.......  My brow bands are affordable, so you can buy more than one and not break the bank......  I also began making bling helmet bands.  One day, I'm hoping to have a head to toe" bling line"......  I hope you enjoy my creations.​